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Article on Scan:1976~2017 (2017/9/28)

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43 2 79-93 Fujiwara H, et al Human bone marrow VCAM-1+ macrophages provide a niche for reactive and neoplastic erythropoiesis b_download
43 2 63-78 Ohta Y, et al Anti-cancer stem cell activity of the Src inhibitor dasatinib in thyroid cancer cells b_download
43 2 59-61 Tanaka R, et al Successful reinstitution of nivolumab in combination with corticosteroids for metastatic malignant melanoma with myasthenia gravis as an immune-related adverse event b_download
43 1 35-41 Sakurai S, et al Evaluation of intra-ductal cancer spread using contrast superb micro-vascular imaging (SMI) ―a case report― b_download
43 1 29-34 Yamatsuji T, et al A Case of Cholesterol Crystal Embolization with Hemorrhagic Intestinal Ulcer b_download
43 1 21-27 Sakurai S, et al A Case Report of Matrix-Producing Carcinoma of the Breast during Lactation - A secondary publication - b_download
43 1 13-19 Ueno D, et al A case of fulminant amebic colitis that could be saved b_download
43 1 5-12 Monobe Y, et al A case of gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) with peritoneal dissemination - Imatinib re-challenged case - b_download

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