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11 3 169-175 Ikeda M The Effects of Estrogen and Antiestrogen on Chromatin in Human Breast Cancer Cell Line, MCF-7. II. b_download
11 3 165-168 Kimoto M, et al A Cystic Lymphangioma of the Colon Seen in a Patient with Early Gastric Cancer b_download
11 3 159-164 Shirabe T, et al Incidental Germinoma of the Basal Ganglia ― A Neuropathologic Study b_download
11 3 151-157 Hatsushika R, et al A Clinical Case of Cutaneous Gnathostomiasis having Creeping Eruption b_download
1 3 143-150 Hirokawa M, et al Traumatic Neuroma of the Gallbladder ― Report of a Case b_download
11 3 135-141 Kimoto M, et al The Effects of Intravenous Feeding on Tumor Growth ―An Autoradiographic Analysis― b_download
11 3 131-134 Kohchiyama A, et al Changes in Epidermal Langerhans Cells Following the Tuberculin Reaction in Guinea Pigs b_download
11 2 127-129 Oka D, et al The Suppression of Contact Sensitivity Induction by Tape Stripping Treatment of Guinea Pig Skin at Various Times before and after Injection of Haptenated Epidermal Cells b_download
11 2 123-126 Manabe T, et al Glandular Inclusion in the Periprostatic Nerve Ganglion b_download
11 2 119-121 Nakao M, et al A Case of Type-A WPW Syndrome Complicated by Acute Anterior Myocardial Infarction. Special Reference to Intermittent Masking of Infarction Pattern b_download