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15 2 85-87 Otsuka N, et al Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia Presenting as Multiple Cold Defects on Bone Scintigraphy b_download
15 2 81-84 Sugihara K, et al Experimental Model of Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis in Rats b_download
15 2 73-79 Shimakata T, et al Activation by ATP and an Undefined Substance in the Supernatant of Mycolic Acid Synthesis in an in vitro System of Bacterionema matruchotii b_download
15 2 65-72 Umeda N Scanning Electron Microscopic Study of the Capillary Loops in Human Hand Skin b_download
15 2 59-63 Matsushima T, et al Serum Concentration of Flomoxef in Administration of One Hour Infusion Every Eight Hours a Day b_download
15 2 53-58 Hidaka K, et al Structural Analysis of Human Hemoglobin Variants by Molecular Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry b_download
15 2 43-51 Ogawa S, et al Steroids Production by Ovarian Non-functioning Tumors in Postmenopausal Women b_download
15 1 39-41 Hidaka K, et al A Slow Moving Hb F-Kotobuki or AγI6 (A3) Glu→Gly Detected in Fukuyama District b_download
15 1 35-38 Ohmoto K, et al Changes in Reticuloendothelial Function and Plasma Endotoxin Levels after Interventional Angiography b_download
15 1 29-34 Nishina M, et al Acute Acalculous Cholecystitis in a Severely Burned Patient -A Case Report- b_download