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11 2 115-118 Terada K, et al Recurrent Bacterial Meningitis Due to a Cerebrospinal Fluid Fistula and Its Prophylaxis b_download
11 2 109-113 Takemoto Y, et al Changes in Platelet Volume in Various Patients with Thrombocytopenia and Thrombocytosis as Observed by the Platelet Saponin Test b_download
11 2 101-108 Oka H, et al The Quantitative Changes of the Plasma Fibronectin (FN) with Aging b_download
11 2 93-100 Watanabe S, et al Circular Dichroism Quantitative Estimate of α-Helix Content of Human Serum Albumin in the Presence of NaSCN, Urea and KCl at Various pH b_download
11 2 87-92 Kawane H, et al Effect of Ascorbic Acid on Bronchoconstriction Induced by Methacholine Inhalation Challenge in Healthy Subjects b_download
11 2 79-85 Honma T, et al The Influence of Cyclophosphamide on Accumulation of Peritoneal Exudate Cells Responding to PPD in BCG- sensitized Guinea Pigs b_download
11 2 75-77 Oka D, et al The Effect of Tape Stripping Treatment of Guinea Pig Skin on the Induction of Delayed Hypersensitivity b_download
11 1 71-73 Oka D, et al The Induction of Tolerance in Contact Sensitivity by the Injection of the Regional Lymph Node Cells from Mice 1 Day after Painting the UV-B Irradiated Skin with DNFB to Recipients b_download
11 1 69-70 Oka D, et al The Effect of Freeze-Thawing Treatment of Antigen on the Induction of Contact Sensitivity and Its Suppression b_download
11 1 57-68 Yamada O, et al Primary Care Education at Kawasaki Medical School b_download