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14 2 91-96 Manabe T, et al Histochemical and Ultrastructural Study of Clara Cell Granules in the Guinea Pig b_download
14 2 83-89 Hatsushika R, et al A Case Study of Otomyiasis Caused by Parasarcophaga similis (Meade, 1876) (Diptera : Sarcophagidae) b_download
14 2 75-81 Sasano T, et al The Effects of Long-Term Treatment with Lithium on Adenylate Cyclase Coupled with Catecholamine Receptors b_download
14 2 63-74 Honma T, et al Fibroblast-Lymphocyte-Macrophage Interaction in Erythema Nodosum-like Lesions of Behcet’s Syndrome: An Ultrastructural Study b_download
14 1 59-62 Hirokawa M, et al Brief Note Re-evaluation of Hodgkin’s Disease: Report of Twelve Cases with Strict Morphological Criteria and Immunohistochemical Aids b_download
14 1 55-57 Manabe T, et al Brief Note Epithelial Cyst of the Adrenal Gland b_download
14 1 51-54 Manabe T, et al Brief Note Observation of Hexagonal Crystalloid Inclusions in Guinea Pig Clara Cells by Scanning Electron Microscopy b_download
14 1 47-50 Manabe T, et al Brief Note Percentage of the Lymphocyte with IL-2 Receptor in Reactive and Neoplastic Lymphoproliferative Conditions ― Could its High Content be Significant in the Diagnosis of Adult T Cell Leukemia/Lymphoma? ― b_download
14 1 43-46 Shirabe T Brief Note Central Neurocytoma: A Newly Recognized Brain Tumor b_download
14 1 37-41 Mochizuki Y, et al Brief Note In Vivo Effects of Cadmium Acetate on Rat Complement b_download