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Article on Scan:1975~2023 (2023/11/16)

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8 3.4 199-209 Watanabe S, et al Blood Concentrations of Amitriptyline-Nortriptyline and Clinical Response in Depressive Patients b_download
8 3.4 187-197 Tomonaga G, et al Estimation of Transition Probabilities in Ischemic Heart Disease by Markov Model b_download
8 3.4 179-186 Fukuda H, et al Convergence of Cutaneous Afferent Impulses on Units of the Pontine Defecation Reflex Center in the Dog b_download
8 3.4 171-178 Fukuda H Cortical Projection of Afferent Impulses from the Distal Colon via the Pelvic Nerve in the Dog b_download
8 3.4 165-169 Shirabe T, et al Electron Probe X-Ray Microanalysis of So-Called Calcifications of the Globus Pallidus Observed on CT Scan b_download
8 3.4 159-164 Ueki A, et al Activation of Human C3 by Living and Heat-killed Human Cells after Treatment with Trypsin. b_download
8 3.4 149-157 Matsumoto A Morphology of Chlamydia psittaci Elementary Bodies as Revealed by Electron Microscopy ―Dedicated to the memory of the late Professor N. Higashi― b_download
8 2 145-147 Nakagawa S, et al An Attempt to Demonstrate DNP Groups on Epidermal Langerhans Cell of Guinea Pig Following Skin Painting with DNCB b_download
8 2 139-143 Nishihara T, et al Light Particles in a Regular Population of Adenovirus Type 2 b_download
8 2 133-138 Harano T, et al Hb J Norfolk [α57 (E 6) Gly→Asp], Discovered in the People Living in Hyogo Prefecture b_download