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10 4 259-262 Hatamochi A, et al Water Soluble Protein Fraction of Stratum Corneum b_download
10 4 255-257 Oka D, et al Antigen in Contact Sensitivity : V. Xmmunofluorescent Study on the Distribution of DNP Groups on the Epidermal Langerhans Cells of Guinea Pigs Following Skin Painting with DNCB b_download
10 4 245-254 Arita S The Spatial Pattern Analysis of the Regenerating Axons of Peroneal Nerves in the Rat b_download
10 4 241-244 Oka D, et al An Attempt to Suppress the Induction of Contact Sensitivity to 2,4-Dinitrochlorobenzene by Tape Stripping Treatment of Guinea Pig Skin b_download
10 4 237-240 Takemoto Y, et al Character of Laboratory Data in Infection Induced DIC b_download
10 4 229-235 Takemoto Y, et al Plasmapheresis for Spur Cell Anemia b_download
10 4 225-228 Matsuki M, et al Steroidogenesis in Isolated Adrenal Cells of Rat b_download
10 4 217-224 Bessho H, et al Detection of Antibody to Chlamydia psittaci: Comparison of Antibody Titers in Human Sera Assayed by Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) and Microplate Immunofluorescence Antibody Technique (MFA) b_download
10 3 211-215 Mochizuki Y, et al Natural Killer Cell Activity and Complement Activity in Benzene-intoxicated Rats b_download
10 3 207-210 Orita Y, et al A Case of Lipoma in the Deep Part of Neck b_download