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11 4 245-248 Oka D, et al Antigen in Contact Sensitivity : VI. Immunofluorescent Study on the Distribution of DNP Groups on Langerhans Cells and Dendritic Thy-1 Positive Cells in Epidermis of Mice Following Skin Painting with DNCB b_download
11 4 241-244 Nakagawa S, et al Histopathological Studies on Contact Dermatitis. IV. The Epidermal Distribution of IgG and Ia Antigen in Experimental Contact Dermatitis b_download
11 4 233-239 Ono H, et al A Note on the Disposition of Brain-damaged Inpatients with Mental Deterioration b_download
11 4 225-231 Nakatsukasa A, et al A Case Report on the Human Infestation by a Hard Tick Ixodes nipponensis Found in Okayama, Japan (Acarina : Ixodidae) b_download
11 4 219-223 Hatamochi A, et al Collagen Synthesis in Skin Tissue from Patients with Systemic Scleroderma b_download
11 4 215-217 Ueki A, et al One Point Method for the Assay of the Alternative Complement Pathway Hemolysis in Rats b_download
11 4 191-213 Shibata S, et al Computer-Assisted Laboratory Diagnosis and Its Clinical Usefulness b_download
11 3 187-190 Kohda M, et al A Trial Method for Immune Complex Arteritis under Gelatin Sponge Emboli b_download
11 3 183-185 Oka D, et al The Effect of DNCB Painting on ATPase Positive Cells in Guinea Pig Epidermis b_download
11 3 177-181 Nakagawa S, et al Antigen Specificity of Retest Reaction in Contact Sensitivity b_download