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14 4 215-217 Yamamoto R, et al Brief Note The Arterial Blood Ketone Body Ratio in Chronic Liver Diseases -with Special Reference to the Effect of TAE b_download
14 4 211-214 Ohmoto K, et al Brief Note Evaluation of the Lipid Emulsion Test as a Reticuloendothelial Functional Test b_download
14 4 207-209 Matsuki M, et al Brief Note Bartter’s Syndrome and Pseudo-Bartter’s Syndrome b_download
14 4 201-205 Segami N, et al Diagnosis of Temporomandibular Joint Arthrosis 2. Arthroscopic Differentiation b_download
14 4 193-199 Segami N, et al Diagnosis of Temporomandibular Joint Arthrosis 1. Arthrographic Differentiation b_download
14 4 187-192 Kariya T A Generalized Wilcoxon Test for Comparing Interval Data Samples b_download
14 4 177-185 Shigemoto H, et al A Trial of the Dartmouth COOP Charts in Kurashiki Station Clinic b_download
14 4 171-175 Fujiwara H, et al Presumed Ocular Histoplasmosis and Histoplasmin Skin Test b_download
14 4 159-169 Manabe T, et al Intraluminal (Intra-alveolar) Diffuse Fibrosis of the Lung b_download
14 3 157-158 Manabe T, et al Brief Note Complete Tracheal Cartilagenous Ring b_download