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20 3.4 125-131 Hatsushika R, et al Case Study of Human Infection with Diplogonoporus grandis (Cestoda: Diphyllobothriidae) Found in Okayama Prefecture, Japan b_download
20 3.4 117-124 Yamamoto Y, et al Surgical Treatment for Dukes D Colorectal Cancer b_download
20 3.4 109-115 Yamamoto Y, et al Multidisciplinary Treatment for Local Recurrence of Rectal Cancer b_download
20 3.4 103-108 Matsuki M, et al Serum Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Activity Measured by Angiotensin I Hydrolysis b_download
20 3.4 99-102 Terada K, et al Incidence of Herpes Zoster in Pediatricians and Family Practitioners Estimation of Efficacy of Varicella Vaccine for Protection Against Herpes Zoster in the Elderly b_download
20 3.4 87-98 Sahara K, et al The Effect of GM-CSF on the Inhibition of Contraction of Excisional Wounds Caused by Bacterial Contamination b_download
20 3.4 79-85 Sahara K, et al Persistent Elevation of TNF-α in Burn Patients May Contribute to Compromised Wound Healing b_download
20 3.4 71-78 Matsumura M, et al Intrinsic Tension and Shortening Velocity of Intact Segment without Damaged Cells in Bullfrog Cardiac Muscle b_download
20 1.2 69-70 Sumitomo S, et al Brief Note Autoantibodies to ACE (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme) in a Patient with Pseudo-Bartter’s Syndrome Due to Laxative Abuse b_download
20 1.2 63-67 Sone T, et al Benign Vertebral Accumulation of 99mTc-phytate b_download