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25 4 307-312 Moriyama T, et al. effective nutritional therapy for nonspecific multiple ulcers of the small intestine * b_download
25 4 297-306 Kohno M. Influence of nitric oxide on hemodynamic changes induced by intravenous administration of hypertonic saline dextran (HSD) in anesthetized dogs * b_download
25 4 287-295 Aihara T. A basic study superselective transcatheter arterial chemotherapy and chemoembolization (III) – a new drug carrier: liposome -CDDP- * b_download
25 4 279-286 Kitahata T. Eaxamination of microglial morphology in normal brains and anoxic encephalopathy * b_download
25 4 269-278 Ogawa Y. An ultrastructural study of renal plasma cells in aged mice * b_download
25 4 257-267 Inoue S. assessment of cytokines in inflammatory bowel disease: Comparison between local mRNA expression and clinical findings * b_download
25 4 247-255 Ikegami M. Analysis of serological cross-reaction between Chlamydiae and Bartonella henselae * b_download
25 3 211-221 Mori Y. a histological study of cell death in the developing olfactory epithelium of the mouse embryos * b_download
25 3 203-210 Nogami R. Fundamental study for bone mass measurement in the cortical bone of the tibia with quantitative ultrasound * b_download
25 3 193-202 Iguchi Y. Screening system for liver cancer in the general population * b_download