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26 4 165-169 Harano T, et al Aberrant mRNA Spliced in a β0-Thalassemic Gene Having a G →A Mutation at βIVS II-1 b_download
26 4 161-164 Harano K, et al Molecular Aspects of Transfusion Dependent Thalassemic Children in Myanmar: Analysis of Common β-Thalassemia in Myanmar by Amplification Refractory Mutation System (ARMS) b_download
26 4 155-159 Harano T, et al Adult Onset, Chronic Anemias of Undermined Etiology, Myanmar b_download
26 4 149-154 Harano T, et al Prevalence of Hemoglobin E Among the Children Taking Regular Blood Transfusion at the Day Care Room, Yangon Children Hospital, Myanmar b_download
26 4 139-147 Urushihara K Study of the Anatomical Bases of a Perforator Flap from the Hypothenar Eminence b_download
26 3 133-138 Harano T, et al A Case Report of Diagnosis of α-thalassemia-2 b_download
26 3 127-131 Harano T, et al An Insight into Heterozygous β-Thalassemia, Myanmar b_download
26 3 119-125 Gyoten M, et al Rupture of a Cervical Arteriovenous Fistula Associated with Neurofibromatosis Type 1. A Case Report. b_download
26 3 111-118 Hatsushika R, et al A Case Study of Cutaneous Myiasis Caused by Dermatobia hominis (Linnaeus Jr., 1781) (Diptera: Cuterebridae) Found in Hiroshima, Japan b_download
26 3 105-110 Masaki H, et al A Case of Bilateral Obturator Foramen Bypass b_download