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28 4 297-301 Oka Y, et al. A case of stercoral colonic perforation * b_download
28 4 287-296 Hirai S. A morphological study of TUNEL positive dying cells in the developing inner ear of mouse embryos- CDDP-induced change- * b_download
28 4 279-286 Takeo T, et al. Carcinogenesis and change in the biliary epithelium in a hamster CDDB model without carcinogen * b_download
28 4 269-278 Yasukawa T. effects of inversed ratio ventilation (IRV) on intracranial pressure (ICP) in dogs with pulmonary edema * b_download
28 4 257-268 Takeo T. Chemopreventive effects on carcinogenesis in a hamster model (CDDB model) * b_download
28 4 243-256 Tarumi K. Essential role of macrophages and macrophage-related proinflammatory cytokines in indomethacin-induced enteropathy in rats * b_download
28 4 229-241 Himi N. Analysis of autonomic nervous reactions accompanying nausea induced by visual stimulation * b_download
28 3 199-208 Takesue M. Cold-preservation of primary isolated pig hepatocytes – Fundamental study concerning optimal medium – * b_download
28 3 185-197 Shibata N. Antifibrosis effect of intrferonγ (IFNγ) and rapamycin (Rapa) in immortal human hepatic stellate cells * b_download
28 3 175-183 Kobayashi T. Establishment of cis-diamminedichloroplatinum (Ⅱ)-resistant human testicular seminoma cell line JKT/DDP and analysis of the expression of the genes related to anticancer drug-resistance associated with cytoplasmic CDDP metabolism * b_download