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30 3-4 79-85 KOBASHI Y, et al Lung Adenocarcinoma Required the Differentiation from Wegener Granulomatosis b_download
30 3-4 71-77 YAMAMOTO A, et al Investigation of Usefulness of the Embolization Method for Tumor Hemorrhage in the Head and Neck Causing Formation of a Pseudoaneurysm in a Blood Vessel Feeding the Central Nervous System b_download
30 3-4 63-69 WIN N, et al Application of an Automated Hemoglobin Analyzer,HLC 723G7, for Clinical Samples b_download
30 3-4 55-61 WIN N, et al Determination of Hemoglobin Aic Content by an Automated Hemoglobin Analyzer, HLC723G7, Myanmar b_download
30 3-4 43-53 SHIMIZU M The Morphology and Distribution of Sensory Nerve Endings in the Human Lateral Ankle Ligament b_download
30 1-2 37-42 INAOKI M, et al Improvement of Psoriatic Erythroderma by Combination Therapy Consisting of Systemic Etretinate and a Corticosteroid, Photochemotherapy, and a Topical Corticosteroid and Vitamin D3 b_download
30 1-2 29-35 HIRAI T, et al Are There Any Problems with Siewert’s Classification for Cancer of the Cardia? b_download
30 1-2 19-28 HATANO M, et al Colorectal Distention and Intraluminal Cholera Toxin Induce Propulsive Contractions Through 5 HT3 Receptors on Pelvic-nerve Afferents in Decerebrated Rats b_download
30 1-2 9-17 MORITA N Marked Low Skin Reaction of Boron Neutron Capture Therapy in Melanoma-Bearing Hamsters in Comparison with a Single-Dose Electron Beam at a Tumor Control Dose b_download
30 1-2 1-8 SAKAI T, et al Molecular Sorting in Early Endosomes b_download