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37 4 233-237 Kaku S, et al. A cese of extremely rare ovarian tumor: Primary ovarian adenomyoma b_download
37 3 129-131 Okimoto N, et al. Q fever in adults patients with prolonged cough b_download
37 3 125-128 Shimizu K, et al. Interstitial lung disease after re-administration of gefitinib in a responder with no adverse effects during the first administration: a case report b_download
37 3 119-123 Inoue M, et al. A case report of measles in a premature infant and the antibody and/or the virus RNA in the patients contracted in infancy b_download
37 3 117-118 Hata T & Irei I Actinomycosis in palatine tonsil mimicking a tonsillolith: A case report b_download
37 3 89-95 Kubo Y The effect of thymosin beta 4 plasmid in myocardial infarction b_download
37 1 63-65 Okimoto N, et al. Clinical study of various kinds of pleurisy and pleural effusion pH b_download
37 1 57-62 Okimoto N, et al. Clinical features of Moraxella catarrhalis respiratory infenctions b_download
37 1 43-55 Ikeda M, et al. Characterization of the functional domains and quantification in the cells of a steroid receptor-binding protein, SRB-RGS b_download
37 1 19-27 Tsujioka T, et al. The impact of serum soluble interleukin-2 receptor levels on the diagnosis of malignant lymphoma b_download