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42 1 E01 Hirano H, et al Erratum b_download
41 2 71-81 Hiraoka T, et al Investigation into the safety of driving by individuals with higher brain dysfunction b_download
41 2 65-69 Yorimitsu D, et al Severe hyperkalemia following ileostomy not colostomy in a patient undergoing chronic hemodialysis b_download
41 2 57-63 Matsuzaki H, et al Biological effects of refractory ceramic fiber b_download
41 2 41-55 Sasae Y, et al Left ventricular mechanics and myocardial calcium dynamics in short-term and long-term hyperthyroid mice b_download
41 2 29-40 Hirano H, et al TNF receptor type 2 transmits caspase-dependent apoptotic signals in fibroblast-like synoviocytes derived from rheumatoid arthritis. b_download
41 1 23-27 Yamatsuji T, et al Skin Tube Reconstruction for Esophageal Defects due to Postoperative Complications: Applying a skin flap in esophageal resection and reconstruction b_download
41 1 13-22 Matsuzaki H, et al Investigating methods regarding diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for malignant mesothelioma b_download
41 1 7-12 Ebisudani S, et al Fibrosarcomatous variant of dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans on the right cheek: A case report b_download
41 1 1-5 Yamamoto M, et al Experimental validation of blood flow derived from pulse oximeter wave signals in beagles b_download