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14 3 153-156 Manabe T, et al Brief Note Tracheal Bronchus b_download
14 3 149-151 Ohmoto K, et al Brief Note Plasma Endotoxin and Serum Lipid Peroxide after Transcatheter Arterial Embolization in Liver Cancer b_download
14 3 143-148 Manabe T, et al Brief Note Morphological Spectrum of Normal and Reactive Mesothelial Cells b_download
14 3 139-141 Ideguchi S, et al Brief Note Percutaneous Ethanol Injection Therapy (PEIT) for Liver Cancer ― Experimental Study on Rat Hepatoma ― b_download
14 3 133-138 Tsukayama C, et al Multiorgan Involvement of Light Chain Deposition Disease ― Report of an Autopsy Case ― b_download
14 3 127-132 Saito T, et al Characteristics of Multiple Choice Questions Intrinsic to Their Format b_download
14 3 115-126 Kimura M, et al Prognostic Evaluation of Acute Myocardial Infarction Through Blood Chemical Examination ―A Trial to Improve the Efficiency of the Computer Assisted Laboratory Diagnosis (CALD) System of Kawasaki Medical School (KMS)― b_download
14 2 109-113 Otsuka N, et al Gallium-67 Citrate Scintigraphy in Sternocostoclavicular Hyperostosis b_download
14 2 103-107 Ipponsugi S, et al Bile Duct Carcinoma in Association with a Choledochal Cyst ― Report of a Case ― b_download
14 2 97-102 Sakai T, et al Biodegradation of Isoflurane in Dogs b_download