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11 1 41-56 Mori H Relation Between Polycythemia and Function of Hemoglobin with Amino Acid Substitution in α1β2 Contact Hb Chesapeake [α92 (FG4) Arg→Leu ]and Hb J Cape Town [α92 (FG 4) Arg→Gln] b_download
11 1 35-40 Yamamoto H, et al Severe Superior Epistaxis Controlled by Clipping the Anterior Ethmoidal Artery : Report of a Case b_download
11 1 25-33 Shirabe T, et al Neuro-Behcet’s Syndrome and Brain Stem Encephalitis. A Neuropathologic Study b_download
11 1 17-23 Kaya H Reducing Effect of Steroids on Fragility of Human Erythrocytes Detected by a Prompt Hemolysis Test b_download
11 1 11-16 Orita Y, et al Observation of Cochlear Sensory Hairs in the Neonatal Hamster b_download
11 1 1-10 Xiao-Liang CHEN, et al Potentiating and Depressing Actions of Caffeine on Twitch Tension in the Isolated Atrial Muscle of the Bullfrog b_download