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9 4 249-250 Takei Y, et al The Distribution of DNP Groups in the Draining Lymph Nodes of C3H and Athymic Nude Mice Following Skin Painting with DNCB b_download
9 4 247-248 Nakagawa S, et al The Effect of DNP Specific Factor on Induction of Contact Sensitivity to DNCB b_download
9 4 239-245 Watanabe S, Growth Characteristics of KB and RAJI Cells in the Liquid Culture Medium in Relation to the Human Tumor Stem Cell Assay for Anti-Tumor Agents b_download
9 4 229-237 Sato H, et al Intestinal Nature in Gallbladder Carcinoma with Reference to its Histogenesis b_download
9 4 219-228 Mishima N, et al Isoelectric Focusing Studies on Immunochemical Change with Age in Chicken Lens Crystallin b_download
9 4 209-218 G. A. NIAZI, et al Instability of Hemoglobin Molecule : Unstable Hemoglobins with Substitution at the Heme Contacts―A Review. Part II. b_download
9 4 205-208 G. A. NIAZI, et al Instability of Hemoglobin Molecule ― A Review. Part I. b_download
9 3 203-204 Oka D, et al Antigen in Contact Sensitivity : III. Immunoferritin Electron Microscopic Study on the Distribution of DNP Groups on the Epidermal Cells of Guinea Pigs Following Skin Painting with DNCB b_download
9 3 197-202 Tasaka Y, et al Intra-Atrial Tumor Embolus in Hepatocellular Carcinoma b_download
9 3 187-196 Terao A, et al Clinical Application of Peripheral and Central Conduction Velocities Using Somatosensory Evoked Potentials b_download