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16 4 225-229 Nakajima M, et al Intranuclear Filamentous Inclusion in Lung Cancer b_download
16 4 217-223 Hatsushika R, et al Additional Two Case Studies of Human Infestation with Hard Tick (Acarina: Ixodidae) Found in Okayama, Japan b_download
16 4 211-216 Watanabe A, et al Necrosis of the Scalp and Visual Disturbance after Embolization and Surgery for Meningioma ―A Case Report― b_download
16 4 203-209 Fujita Y, et al CT-gesteuerte alkoholische Nervenblockade mit einem einfachen Apparat b_download
16 4 197-202 Yano T, et al Isolation of Pathogens from Peripheral Pulmonary Blood in Rabbit Pneumonia b_download
16 4 191-196 Miyake K, et al Is Thermography a Valuable Tool in Diagnosis of Solitary Thyroid Nodules ? b_download
16 4 181-190 Fujimura Y, et al Uptake of BCG into Immunized and Nonimmunized Rabbit Peyer’s Patches ―Morphology and Quantitative Analysis― b_download
16 4 147-180 Kimoto T Patho-Biological Observation on Biological Response Modifier (Maruyama Vaccine) in Cancer: Important Roles of Collagen Fibers Proliferation as Prevention of Cancer Development and Metastasis b_download
16 2.3 143-145 Shirabe T, et al Incidental MRI Lesions in the Periventricular White Matter of the Elderly: Correlation of Postmortem MRI and Neuropathologic Findings b_download
16 2.3 141-142 Otsuka N, et al 99mTc-DTPA Uptake in Bone Metastatic Lesions b_download