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19 3.4 107-109 Yamamoto S, et al Brief Note b_download
19 3.4 101-105 Yoshida K, et al Use of Pronase and Pepsin in the Restoration of Laminin Antigenicity b_download
19 3.4 91-100 Murakami T, et al Surgical Experience with Bilateral Internal Thoracic Artery Grafts b_download
19 3.4 85-90 Hayashi T, et al Measurement of Na+ Activity in Endolymph in Guinea Pig Cochlea with a Sodium Sensitive Glass Microelectrode b_download
19 3.4 77-84 Fujiwara T, et al Surgical Treatment for Cardiac Lesions Combined with Takayasu’s Aortitis b_download
19 3.4 65-76 Fukunaga M, et al Quantification of Bone Mineral in the Vertebral Body and Whole Body Skeleton with a Newly Developed Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometric System Using a Multi-detector Array b_download
19 3.4 53-64 Takatori K. A Non-radioactive, Zymographical Method for Detecting Mammalian DNA Repair Enzymes b_download
19 1.2 47-51 Morita K, et al Serial Cerebral Perfusion Imaging in a Case with Herpes Simplex Encephalitis b_download
19 1.2 41-45 Hoshika K, et al A Case of Terminal Ileitis b_download
19 1.2 31-40 Uchida J, et al An Endoscopic Case Report of Jejunal Leiomyosarcoma and Review of the Japanese Literature b_download