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29 3-4 89-94 MOHRI U, et al Calcific cerebral embolus from calcific carotid stenosis b_download
29 3-4 81-87 WADA H, et al Successful Management of Severe Intraperitoneal Hemorrhage by Platelet Transfusion in a Patient with Acquired Factor V Inhibitor b_download
29 3-4 73-79 OTSUKA N, et al A Comparison of Scintigraphy with Tumor-seeking Radiopharmaceuticals to Detect an Experimental Bone Tumors in the Rabbits b_download
29 3-4 61-72 WENG J, et al Cell Death Processes of Postovulatory Cumulus Granulosa Cells in the Mouse Oviduct Ampulla after Mating b_download
29 3-4 53-59 USHIROGAWA H, et al Morphological Studies of the Adult Female Loci loa (Nematoda : Filarioidea) and a Review of the Literature on Imported Human Loiasis in Japan b_download
29 1-2 45-52 MIYOSHI I, et al Technetium-99m Methoxyisobutyl Isonitrile Scintigraphy of Bone Metastasis in Three Patients with Differentiated Thyroid Cancer b_download
29 1-2 33-43 OTSUKI T, et al Review of Regulation for the Fas-mediated Apoptotic Pathway in Silicosis Patients b_download
29 1-2 25-31 ISHIKAWA T, et al Age Estimation Using S 100 Protein-Positive Stellate Cells in Anterior Pituitary b_download
29 1-2 17-24 ISHIKAWA T, et al Mononuclear Cell Clusters Observed in Pars Intermedius of Human Hypophysis b_download
29 1-2 9-16 HARANO K, et al Haplotypes of the /?E-Globin Gene Cluster Found in Myanmar b_download