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34 4 297-303 Okumura H, et al. A case of lethal systemmic embolization with colesterol crystals following coronary angiography * b_download
34 4 291-295 Matsuo A, et al. Hutchinson’s sign in trigeminal nerve zoster: an analysis of 35 cases * b_download
34 4 285-289 Teranishi H, et al Localized intra-abdominal Kikuchi-Fujimoto desease: a case report ad reiew of the literature. b_download
34 4 279-283 Nakagawa Y, et al An infant case of neutropenia developed repeated omphalitis: a case report. b_download
34 4 265-277 Sohda M Combined antitumor effects of a new molecular targeting agent lapatinib with chemotherapeutic agents in poorly differentiated and undifferentiated thyroid cancer cells * b_download
34 4 255-263 Tomomitsu T, et al Height reduction in middle-aged and elderly women. Estimating body height using spinomalleolar distance. b_download
34 4 247-253 Notsu E, et al. Three-dimensional analysis of the erythroblastic islands of mouse bone marrow * b_download
34 4 237-245 Nishitani K, et al A scanning electron microscopic study of macrophages in the lens cavity of the mouse embryo. b_download
34 4 231-235 Nakata M How can we detect curable early lung cancer? b_download
34 3 223-228 Kataoka N The last lecture * (no abstract) b_download