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35 4 333-335 Hata T, et al. Secondarily-developed gingival cyst of the adult: A case report b_download
35 4 329-332 Hata T, et al. A rapid recovery from pagophagia following treatment for iron deficiency anemia and TMJ disorder accompanied by masked depression b_download
35 4 319-328 Tokunaga H. Increases in hemaglutinin (HA) sugar chains may contribute to the survival of influenza viruses among humans? * b_download
35 4 307-318 Kurihara T. A barrier function made up of the receptor preference of the virus and the paucity of receptors in human airways against avian influenza virus infection * b_download
35 4 295-305 Fujino M, et al. Introduction of the MRL-MpJ wound-healing phenotyoe improves skeltal muscle pathology in Duchenne muscular dystrophy model mice * b_download
35 4 285-293 Nihshita N & Sonoda Y A histomrtrical study of mouse olfactory mucosa with particular reference to postnatal changes in the lamina propria * b_download
35 4 275-283 Kawasaki F, et al. The Health status of Japanese people living in the UK b_download
35 3 249-252 Ito S, et al. Intraosseous schwannnoma of the mandible: A case report b_download
35 3 243-247 Hiraoka T, et al. The outcome of dysphagia rehabilitation in post-surgical patietns with head and neck cancer: Investigation before widespread use of PEG b_download
35 3 233-241 Tokunaga H. Influence of genetic reassortment on the progeny virus production of a novel influenza virus * b_download