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36 4 327-337 Inoue T & Suzuki K The effect of intratracheal administration of a surfactant on mortality in a model of murine paraquat poisoning * b_download
36 4 313-325 Shimoda M The molecular mechanism of human glucagon-like pepetide-1 analog liraglutide on pancreatic beta-cell preservation in obese diabetic model db/db mice * b_download
36 4 301-312 Tawaramoto K The physiological role of 3-phosphoinositide-dependent protein kinase 1 (PDK1) in vascular endothelial cells ~ Investigation by using vascular endothelial cell-specific PDK1 knockour mice * b_download
36 4 295-300 Inoue T & Suzuki K Histopathological effects of intratracheal administration of artificial lung surfactant in a model of murine paraquat lung * b_download
36 4 283-294 wakamiya S, et al. questionnaire results regarding the doctors’ attitude toward a groupware system in Kawasaki Medical School Hospital * b_download
36 4 275-281 Kamura Y, et al Changes in motor evoked potentials in the suprahyoid muscles by repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation b_download
36 4 257-274 Wakamiya S, et al Is free and open source software for making web sites on the Internet available for computerization of hospital support functions? b_download
36 4 253-256 Okimoto N, et al Clinical features of Acinetobacter baumannii pneumonia b_download
36 4 245-251 Okahashi N, et al The mechanisms of functional mitral regurgitation in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy: a real-time 3D echocardiographic study b_download
36 3 209-212 Chang Y-S, et al A case report of sigmoid colon cancer during pregnancy. b_download