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44 2 61-68 Nomura T, et al Mental health, mental fatigue and breast cancer screening examination behavior in adult women b_download
44 2 53-60 Morimoto H, et al Depression among human care service professionals and positive/negative work life events: a structural equation modeling analysis b_download
44 2 41-52 Hazama K, et al Novel analgesics targeting brain-derived neurotrophic factor for neuropathic pain b_download
44 1 33-40 Kumagai-Takei N, et al Skewing T helper cells exposed to asbestos fibers toward reduction of tumor immunity or activation of autoimmunity b_download
44 1 27-31 Kondo E, et al Cellulitis caused by Streptococcus pyogenes at the Bacille Calmette-Guérin vaccination site: A case report b_download
44 1 19-25 Toyoizumi T, et al Effects of revisions to the health insurance system on the recovery-phase rehabilitation ward b_download
44 1 1-17 Honda T, et al Turtle spongious ventricles exhibit more compliant diastolic property and possess larger elastic regions of connectin in comparison to rat compact left ventricles b_download