Online edition:ISSN 2758-089X


Core vitrectomy is useful for performing phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implantation as primary surgery for acute angle closure glaukoma.

To evaluate the results of phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implantation (PEA+IOL) by means of a core vitrectomy as primary surgery for acute angle closure glaucoma (AACG). Setting : Department of Ophthalmology, Japan Red Cross Wakayama Medical Center, Wakayama, Japan. Methods : We reviewed the records of six patients who underwent primary PEA+IOL with an additional core vitrectomy for AACG. Results : The mean preoperative intraocular pressure (IOP) was 57.5 mmHg. No intraoperative complications were observed. The mean postoperative IOP was 16.0 mmHg one day after surgery. No additional glaucoma surgery was necessary in any eye. At the final visit, the mean postoperative IOP was 11.3 mmHg. No eyes required antiglaucoma medication. No occurrence of bullous keratopathy was observed in any case throughout the follow-up period. Conclusions : PEA+IOL with additional core vitrectomy was thus found to be a safe and effective treatment for both postoperative IOP control and the preservation of corneal endothelial cells. A core vitrectomy should therefore be performed when it is difficult to perform PEA+IOL for AACG.

Ieki Y, et al