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47 113-120 Fukuhara Y, et al Dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI for the prediction of volumetric response of uterine leiomyomas following uterine artery embolization b_download
47 105-112 Yamashita N, et al Prescription Patterns of Antimicrobial Agents for Upper Respiratory Tract Infections in Patients Visiting the Emergency Department of Kawasaki Medical School Hospital: A Descriptive Study b_download
47 99-103 Furuse T, et al Epidemiological Studies on Early-onset Myopia: A Review b_download
47 85-97 Saisho S, et al The biological Characteristics of Solid Components are Different between Part-Solid-Type and Solid-Type in Lung Adenocarcinoma b_download
47 77-84 Ikemoto N, et al Assessment of urine partial oxygen pressure to predict postoperative acute kidney injury in major surgical patients b_download
47 69-75 Yamamoto Y, et al A Case of Takotsubo syndrome after Surgery for Papillary Thyroid Cancer b_download
47 63-68 Hayashi J, et al Surgical retrieval under general anesthesia of an inadvertent denture ingestion causing cervical esophageal perforation b_download
47 55-62 Ochiai Y, et al Analysis of water balance for perioperative management in coronary artery bypass grafting b_download
47 47-54 Takaoka M, et al A potential protective effect of 5-aminolevulinic acid against anticancer drug-induced damage to intestinal mucosa b_download
47 41-46 Takaoka M, et al Jejunal heterotopic pancreas containing high-grade pancreatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PanIN-3): case report and literature review b_download
47 33-39 Sugihara M, et al Case reports of pregnancies complicated with kidney disease and their fetal prognosis b_download
47 27-32 Seki S, et al Physical activities in elderly patients with aspiration pneumonia after hip fractures b_download
47 21-26 Kurokawa K, et al Clinical value of abnormal median-normal sural sensory response pattern for the early diagnosis of acute oropharyngeal palsy: a comparison of recent and previous cases b_download
47 13-19 Miyano K, et al The efficient detection of membrane protein with immunoblotting: lessons from cold-temperature denaturation b_download
47 7-11 Miyata I, et al A feasible protocol for identifying macrolide resistant mutations in the 23S rRNA domain V sequence of Mycoplasma pneumoniae b_download
47 1-6 Yamamoto Y, et al A giant axillary mass treated as breast cancer metastasis b_download

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