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49 69-74 Kutoku Y, et al Current status and problems of driving in elderly with cognitive decline in Okayama. b_download
49 57-67 Nakatsuka T, et al Pathological analysis of age-related bladder dysfunction b_download
49 47-55 Umeno R, et al The deficient of eNOS-NO pathway exacerbates kidney dysfunction via inflammasome activation in diabetic kidney disease b_download
49 41-45 Maeda A, et al A case of an atypical variant of type A thymoma presenting with a gradually enlarging tumor over a 10-year period b_download
49 15-24 Ienaga S, et al Significance of Preoperative Body Composition Assessment on the Short-term Outcomes of Elective Cardiac Surgery b_download
49 31-40 Koto S, et al Characterization of coronary calcified plaque by using multimodality intravascular imaging b_download
49 25-30 Yoshitome K, et al Methamphetamine concentrations in blood and gastric contents in 20 forensic autopsy cases b_download
49 7-13 Ueno D, et al Long-term prognostic factors for patients with accidental hypothermia b_download
49 1-6 Uchino K, et al Comparison of titanium and polyetheretherketone (PEEK) cages in the surgical treatment of single level lumbar spondylolisthesis b_download

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