Online edition:ISSN 2758-089X


Peripheral Osteoma Arising from Periodontal Tissue ― Case Report ―

Peripheral osteomas of the jaws1-3) are uncommon bony tumors, and there have been few previous reports of osteomas originating from the periodontal tissue. This case report described a clinically epulis-like and bony-hard mass that occurred on the periodontal tissue of a molar region in the mandible. A 23-year-old Japanese man had a hard mass on the lingual aspect of the first premolar and second molar. A panoramic radiograph revealed a sharply circumscribed, radiopaque mass. CT radiographs showed that the tumor had no continuity with the lingual alveolar ridge. The adjacent teeth were vital and the alveolar bone was absorbed in the same part. Dense lamellar bone with no medullary component was seen microscopically. Partially acute and partially chronic inflammation was seen in the periodontal tissue of the second molar region. This case did not seem to be compatible with any ordinary type of osteoma. We propose that it might be diagnosed as osteoma occurring in the peripheral region of the jaw in a broader sense.

Deguchi H, et al