Online edition:ISSN 2758-089X

Topical Treatment with Superoxide Dismutase is Effective for Experimentally Burned Rats

The effect of topical superoxide dismutase (SOD) treatment for experimental burns was investigated in 108 male Wister rats. A deep dermal burn was induced in the dorsal skin with 40 ml of hot water (95°C) under general anesthesia. Daily application of topical SOD for three day after injury resulted in reduced cutaneous inflammation and rapid wound healing. Serum and skin lipid peroxide concentrations were significanty reduced in rats treated with SOD, and the reduction in skin SOD activity after the burn was minimised by topical treatment with SOD. SOD scavenges superoxide and subsequent oxygen by-product, and reduces the lipid peroxide production. Topical application of SOD for the first three days is effective for and a promising approach to the treatment of burns.

Ono Y.