Online edition:ISSN 2758-089X

Immunohistochemical Distribution of Laminin and Fibronectin in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Relationship to Lymph Node Metastasis

This study examined the immunohistochemical distribution of extracellular matrix components, laminin for basement membrane and fibronectin for stroma, at the invasive border of 56 oral squamous cell carcinomas and their respective nodal metastases and the relationship between those distribution and regional lymph node metastasis. Laminin expression significantly correlated with low metastatic potential and well-differentiated tumors, but not with the mode of cancer invasion. Stromal fibronectin expressin with a different intensity at the invasive front was observed in the majority (90%) of the 52 cases. The tumors with diffuse strong expression of stromal fibronectin were significantly related to high metastatic potential, moderate or poor differentiation of the tumor and loss or disruption of laminin. Lymph node metastases showed more frequently laminin expression than the corresponding primary tumor and showed fibronectin in all cases examined. Laminin and fibronectin were not expressed at the interface between metastases and parenchymal lymphoid tissue, but were expressed at interface between metastases and their stroma. These results suggest that alterations in extracellular matrix components reflect the interaction between tumor cells and the extracellular matrix and are related to the clinical behavior of the tumor.

Hosoda M.