Online edition:ISSN 2758-089X

DU-PAN 2 Antigen in Sera of Patients with Liver Diseases

To evaluate the usefulness of serum DU-PAN 2 (an antigen defined by a monoclonal antibody raised against human pancreatic carcinoma cells), serum specimens from 370 cases of hepatobiliary and pancreatic diseases along with 31 normal controls were studied using an enzyme immunoassay. Elevated levels of serum DU-PAN 2 were detected in the serum of 28.3% of the cases with chronic hepatitis (15/53), 36.5% of those with liver cirrhosis (27/74), 48.4% of the hepatocellular carcinoma cases (61/126) and 50% of primary biliary cirrhosis (4/8). Significant differences were noted between patients with chronic inactive hepatitis (17 cases mean 201.4 U/ml) and chronic active hepatitis (36 cases; mean 394.5 U/ml) and, more distinctly, between patients with compensated liver cirrhosis (41 cases; mean 225.1 U/ml) and, those with decompensated liver cirrhosis (33 cases; mean 564.7 U/ml). The highest median levels were seen in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis (922.7 U/ml), and then in those with hepatocellular carcinoma (551.4 U/ml). Using an immunoperoxidase technique on formalin-fixed, deparaffinized liver sections, we showed that DU-PAN 2 reacted with bile-duct epithelium but never stained hepatoma cells. These results suggest that the determination of serum DU-PAN 2 can be useful in evaluating chronic liver diseases.

Yamamoto S, et al