Online edition:ISSN 2758-089X


Immunohistologic Analysis of Malignant Lymphoma 1. Accuracy of Histological Diagnosis and Usefulness of Monoclonal Antibodies

In order to test whether B cell or T cell origin of malignant lymphomas can be reliably suspected on histological basis alone, and to know the usefulness of some antibodies to lymphocytic cells which are currently available commercially, we reviewed 30 cases of malignant lymphomas both histologically and immunohistochemically. Hematoxylin- eosin stained sections from those cases were reclassified using Lukes and Collins' classification with minor modification. Then, monoclonal antibodies; LCA, MT-1, and MB-1 have been applied to paraffin sections from same cases. In addition, four cases of plasmacytoma and a case of metastatic carcinoma which resembled malignant lymphoma were studied immunohistochemically. Our results indicate that (1) in most cases, T and B cell origin of lymphoma may be accurately classified by H-E stainecd section although further study with more cases is definitely necessary to reach this conclusion. (2) LCA immunoreactivity seemed to be stronger in lymphomas of T cell system. (3) MT-1 and MB-1 immunoreactivity did not correlate perfectly with LCA positivity. And (4) MT-1 ant MB-1 provide useful tools to dictate markers for T and B cell lymphomas in routinely fixed and paraffin-embedded tissue.

Manabe T, et al