Online edition:ISSN 2758-089X

Clinical features of Moraxella catarrhalis respiratory infenctions

 Moraxella catarrhalis respiratory infection was clinically studied. Subjects were 32 patients with M. catarrhalis respiratory infection who were treated in Kawasaki Hospital, Kawasaki Medical School from January 2006 to December 2010. The clinical features of these cases have been retrospectively reviewed. The results showed that: (1) There was not only acute exacerbation of chronic lower respiratory tract infection (in 11) and communityacquired pneumonia (in 18), but also hospital-acquired pneumonia (in 3); (2) There was frequent occurrence in elderly male patients with chronic respiratory disease or malignant tumor as an underlying disease; (3) Most patients were mild or moderate, and rarely severe; (4) Although there are many bacteria resistant to ABPC and ST, sensitivity remains against third- and fourthgeneration cephem, carbapenem, and new quinolone; (5) Mixed infections with S. pneumoniae , or H. influenzae were observed; (6) Prognosis is good when the third- or fourth-generation cephem, carbapenem, or new quinolone is administered (clinical efficacy rate 100 percent, and eradication rate 100 percent). (Accepted on March 30, 2011)

Okimoto N, et al.