Online edition:ISSN 2758-089X


The Effects of Intravenous Feeding on Tumor Growth ―An Autoradiographic Analysis―

Effects of parenteral nutrition on tumor growth were examined by using autoradiographic procedures. Growth rate of the Sato's lung cancer inplanted subcutaneously in the back of the rats of malnourished group was significantly lower (2.68±0.82, p<0.001) than that of intravenously alimented group and orally fed group (5.19± 1.50, 5.72±1.69, respectively). Both mitotic index and labeling index of the tumors from malnourished rats were significantly lower compared with orally fed rats, and this tendency was remarkable in the central region of tumor. Labeling index of parenterally fed group was significantly higher than that of orally fed group. Even in the central region of tumor in this group, labeling intensity was not decreased compared with subcapsular region. Percentage of labeled mitoses of the tumors from the intravenously fed animals was lower than orally fed one's. Based on these findings, it is anticipated that parenteral nutrition may increase or maintain the tumor cells being mobilized in the tumor proliferation phase. This point seems to be useful for the anti-tumor chemotherapy.

Kimoto M, et al