Online edition:ISSN 2758-089X

Changes in Serum Protein in Mice Infected with Hymenolepis nana Eggs

We investigated the changes in serum protein contents of male ddY mice following primary and secondary infections with Hymenolepis nana eggs. There was a marked decrease in the total serum protein contents throughout the course of both primary and secondary infections. The reduction of total serum protein contents occurred as early as 1 day after primary and secondary infections and was particularly prominent after secondary infection. A quiet similar pattern of reduction was observed in the levels of serum albumin. The total globulin content increased immediately after primary infection, decreased to nearly the normal level at day 4, and again increased to a peak at day 7 after infection. In secondary infection, elevated total globulin contents decreased to lower than the normal level at day 2 and quickly increased thereafter. The alpha- and beta-globulin contents fluctuated after primary and secondary infections showing a pattern similar to that of total globulin contents. The levels of gamma-globulin increased with moderate fluctuation and reached a maximum level on day 7, showing a 13-fold increase in primary infection and 23-fold increase in secondary infection. The results clearly showed that the changes in the serum protein contents early in the infection process were important to understand the pathogenicity of H. nana.

Shimoda K, et al