Online edition:ISSN 2758-089X

Pathophysiological Studies of the Stomach and Duodenum 1. Duodenal Malrotation in Healthy Subjects

A series of observation was preliminarily made on X-ray films of the stomach and duodenum of 94 healthy persons in order to determine what changes occur in regard to the motility function between these two organs in the case of peptic ulcer. The following results were obtained on the basis of whether or not there were running abnormalities of the duodenal loop, which abnormalities are noted rather frequently, as well as on the basis of statistical analysis : 1) Torsional anomaly of the duodenal loop (hereafter referred to as MD) was found in 18 of the 94 subjects (19.1%). 2) The maximum diameter of the duodenum in the MD group tended to be larger than that in the normal group. 3) The rate of onset of antral peristalsis, antral spasm, and duodenal longitudinal fold was higher in the MD group than in the normal group. 4) However, it was confirmed that the onset of these three symptoms was very rare.

Tsukamoto M