Online edition:ISSN 2758-089X

Dextran Reactive Antibody : Its Titre Distribution in Japanese

Two hundred forty-one samples of serum collected randomly from patients undergone surgical procedure in Central Operation Unit, Kawasaki Medical School Hospital from October 1980 till January 1981. Titre of dextran reactive antibody (DRA) in the serum was determined by passive hemagglutination method. No DRA was detected in 114 (56.4 %) out of the 241 serum and DRA was found in the remained 127. Titres of DRA distributed in a normal distribution form with mean of 25,27 in the latter group. The titres seemed to decrease slightly corresponded to aging. No difference was found in distribution of titres between both sexes. Distribution of titres in serum which was obtained from subjects who were experienced infusion of dextran solution or who were supposed to be was most likely comparable with that in the whole subjects. No correlationship between DRA titre and allergic diathesis was noted in this study.

Takaori M, et al