Online edition:ISSN 2758-089X


Reconstruction of a deep burn-afflicted knee joint using a superior medial genicular artery flap

We herein present a case of an 88-year-old female. The left knee joint was injured by a low-temperature burn due to a heater, and the patient had undergone conservative treatment at a local primary care physician. Since the skin necrosis was spreading, she was referred to our department on the 36th day after the injury. 8×4 cm black necrosis was observed on the left patella, and when debridement was performed, the patella was exposed but the joint was not exposed. For soft tissue defects, it was possible to sufficiently cover the exposed part of the patella with superior medial genicular artery flap. After the procedure, the knee joint did not show any contracture, had good mobility, and the patient was able to walk independently. Knee joint deep burn is often difficult to treat due to joint exposure and gait disorder associated with joint contracture. The superior medial genicular artery flap is considered to be a good indication for patients with advanced complications and the elderly because the procedure is simple.

Ebisudani S, et al