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12 4 207-210 Otsuka N, et al Unusual Bone Scintigraphic Finding of Metastasis from Prostatic Cancer b_download
12 4 203-205 Nakagawa S, et al Two-Color Analysis of Epidermal Cell Suspension of Mouse with Anti-DNP and Anti-Thy-1 Antibodies after Skin Painting with DNCB b_download
12 4 199-202 Nakagawa S, et al The Effect of Tape Stripping on the Fate of Intradermally Injected Dinitrophenylated Isogeneic Epidermal Cells and Allogeneic Epidermal Cells in Guinea Pigs b_download
12 4 191-197 Arakawa M, et al A Light-microscopic Observation of Rabbit Auricular Artery Embolization with Gelatin Sponge Powder b_download
12 4 177-189 Kimoto T L’action Anticancereuse du Collagene de L’extrait du Mycobacille Tuberculeux Type Humain b_download
12 4 163-176 Nohno T, et al Molecular Cloning of the Escherichia coli Glutamine Permease Operon, glnP, Using Mini-F Plasmid b_download
12 4 153-161 Furukawa T, et al Fundamental Studies on Measurement of Plasma lα,25-Dihydroxycholecalciferol Concentration by Radioreceptor Assay b_download
12 3 149-151 Hidaka K, et al Hb Riyadh [β120 (GH3) Lys→Asn] a Second Case in Japan b_download
12 3 145-147 Nakagawa S, et al Induction of Contact Sensitivity with Dinitrophenylated Epidermal Cells from Different Strains of Guinea Pigs b_download
12 3 139-143 Shibata T, et al Papillary Carcinoma Arising from a Thyroglossal Cyst ―A Case Report― b_download